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About David Harkins Company

David Harkins Company provides strategy, growth, and innovation consulting services for companies and nonprofit organizations. David helps clients identify new markets and opportunities, build new businesses, develop and implement expansion strategies, facilitate change, and scale operations to meet growth targets.

The firm, led by David Harkins, works with companies ranging in size from early-stage, fully-funded startups to large corporations, and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

Meet David Harkins

David Harkins is a serial entrepreneur who has helped grow many first-stage start-up companies. He has extensive experience in wholesale, retail, manufacturing, service, and online business models. He is the founder and principal consultant at David Harkins Company.

For over 20-years, David has helped clients successfully achieve their business objectives. He has managed complex multi-million dollar projects, built businesses from the ground-up, and advised many well-known companies. As a management consultant with a particular focus on sales and marketing, he has helped clients create new revenue streams creating more than $40 million annually, streamlined operations to save more than $25 million annually, and achieved seven-figure cost reductions through his approach to contract negotiations, to name a few of his client successes. He is a strong and seasoned negotiator with a thorough understanding of business strategy, licensing and trademark protection, marketing and sales, project management, business operations, demographics, and market analysis.

More recently, David served as VP, Marketing and Licensing for uwärē brands, a private label, and licensed apparel manufacturer. Prior to uwärē brands, he served as Associate Director, Retail Business Development for the Boy Scouts of America National Council. In this role, he developed and launched a retail e-marketing strategy that included development and implementation of the organization’s first e-commerce website in 2005. He is also responsible for reorganizing and reviving the organization’s licensing program—growing it from $400,000 to nearly $45 million in annual licensed product sales at retail from 2005 to 2015 and earned the BSA’s licensing program a spot on License! Global Magazine’s annual Top 150 Global Licensors since 2012.

His experience spans many industries and he has served as Vice President, Strategic Services at the Jackson Group/Total Response, Managing Partner of Taylor-Harkins Group, Executive Vice President of Marketing for CBD Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Customer Care for software engineer Geneer, and VP, Marketing and Product Development for Nykamp Consulting Group. He has also advised or held leadership positions with many well-known companies including, National Alzheimer’s Association, American Bar Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Cargill Ag Horizons, Disabled American Veterans, Domino’s Pizza, Girl Scouts of the USA, Microsoft, and Subway to name just a few.

He holds a Bachelors of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Management. He is currently a candidate for Master of Entrepreneurship degree.

David is an avid student of emerging technology and cultural change as it relates to innovation in business. He is a regular speaker at conferences, seminars and user groups on topics such as innovation, the impact of cultural change, brand development, licensing and trademark protection, brand stories, entrepreneurship, and marketing effectiveness.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, hiking, painting, and photography. He writes a blog about business and entrepreneurship at www.mrharkins.com, and hosts and interviews entrepreneurs for his Everyday Entrepreneurs podcast.