Executive Coaching - David Harkins Company Licensing Consulting I help licensors improve licensing program
operations to maximize royalty revenue.

I help licensors with business strategy and the administration and operations of licensing programs.

Brand Licensing Consulting

Licensing is a marketing strategy to leverage a brand’s mark, word, or phrase into a new or different category to increase revenue by capitalizing on an existing customer base and brand loyalty. The strategy is often called, brand extension, and when deployed well can create new market opportunities and boost revenue for a brand owner with minimal upfront costs.

I have significant experience in brand extension through licensing, licensing strategy, program development and management, and risk assessment associated with licensing. I work with clients to build licensing business cases, identify new brand extension opportunities, design and develop licensing programs, create administrative processes and procedures, and conduct licensing program audits. I also partner with clients to evaluate the impact of brand extensions and assess the risk of licensee contract performance.

My Brand Licensing Consulting Services focus on program operations, administration, and business risk mitigation, not on representation. My services include:

I work with clients to objectively determine if a licensing strategy is a strategic fit.  I help identify possible opportunities and risks associated with a brand extension program including, market and product assessment, opportunity assessment, competitive positioning, and risk-reward outcomes.

I partner with clients to define and develop the administrative aspects of a licensing program to meet the needs of the business or organization. I help design processes and establish procedures to streamline licensing program operations from initial application, through due diligence, through licensee acceptance and ongoing compliance.

I work with clients to optimize the business terms in their licensing agreements, offering input and suggestions for subsequent review by legal counsel.

Please note: This is a business terms review. This is not a legal review. I am not an attorney and any suggestions offered for improvements in business terms with this service is not, and should not be construed as legal advice.

I partner with clients to evaluate the possibility of licensee performance risk associated with a licensing agreement. I review new and existing licensee business operations (including sourcing, new product development trends, and sales), assess the impact of market conditions, and consider historical trends in royalty estimates vs. reported royalties, among other things, to establish an overall risk factor for agreement performance.

This assessment will provide licensors with additional support in considering revenue recognition as may be related to Financial Accounting Standards Board Accounting Standards Topic 606 (ASC 606) for Revenue Recognition.

Please note: This is a business performance assessment and not a royalty audit or examination.

Working with clients, I objectively review the performance of an organization’s licensing program. I assess the program’s adherence to defined rules, processes, and procedures for licensee selection and management, evaluate program performance against goals, and recommend areas for improvement.

I work with licensors on business strategy and the administration and operational management of licensing programs. I do not provide brand representation, retail partnerships or placement, creative development, or royalty auditing services.

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