I work with entrepreneurs and business owners to evaluate, market and sell businesses.

Business Brokerage

Selling your business is a life-changing event. The decision to sell can be difficult, but the sales process can be frustrating to even the most seasoned business person. If you’re thinking about selling your business or have already decided to sell, I can help you find qualified buyers and guide you through the sales process.

As a serial entrepreneur myself, I know from experience the time, money and energy devoted to the growth and operation of a business. I leverage my education and experience, along with the occasional help of trusted advisors, to guide you through the financial and emotional factors of the sale of your business so that you can maximize the market price and terms of the deal.

Engaging a professional broker to handle the business sale transaction ensures strict confidentiality, discreet marketing of your business, and only the most qualified buyers are presented. I can show you how to separate the sales activity from the daily business operations, allowing freeing you from distractions and protecting the value of your business.

I specialize in retail and wholesale consumer goods, e-commerce, and technology businesses. I have expertise in online, brick-and-mortar, and hybrid business models.

My services are tailored to support each client’s unique needs. I provide the following services to entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to sell their business.

I work with you to develop a customized, start-to-finish program to sell your business. Typically, I will:

  • Perform a business evaluation to determine the best selling price given the current market conditions.
  • Create a confidential marketing package for your business to share with qualified prospective buyers.
  • Actively promote your business by listing it most appropriate “business for sale” websites for your business type, directly engage our networks, and leverage our association with other brokers.
  • Qualify prospective buyers and present all offers for your consideration.
  • Facilitate due diligence and manage the sales transaction process through sales closing.
  • Provide negotiation support.
  • Assist with the sales transition between the seller and buyer as necessary.

Full brokerage services are provided for a success fee, payable at the close of the sale. I require a nonrefundable deposit to cover set-up costs. However, the deposit is recoupable upon completion of the sales transaction.

I assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in preparing a marketing package for situations where the owner desires to promote and sell a business without a broker.  I will:

  • Perform a business evaluation to determine the best selling price given the current market conditions.
  • Create a confidential marketing package for your business for you to share with qualified prospective buyers.

The Marketing Package Development service is offered at a fixed fee, which depends upon the complexity of the business operation.

I examine and assess businesses to value and establish an ideal sales price given current market conditions.