I help clients improve their social impact.

Business and Social Strategy Services

At its core, a strategy is about those things for the organization to do to either sustain or improve its position in the marketplace. Business and social strategies provide the guiding principles for which a company or organization aligns its mission and vision with their value networks to differentiate itself from others, fulfill the needs, values, and expectations of customers, members, or donors, and have a more significant impact in the world.

My goal is to help clients develop business and social strategies that strengthen relationships and improve social impact.

I partner with clients to identify market opportunities, evaluate the competitive landscape, research and determine social impact, and to assess the internal and external change necessary to grow. Then, I create a roadmap that helps to prioritize those things that will create differentiation, enable long-lasting relationships with constituents, and have lasting social impact.

I help clients develop and strengthen:

I conduct competitive research and perform analysis and help clients develop a plan to gain an uncontested advantage over competitors.

I work with clients to design, develop, and implement an earned revenue strategy that makes it easier to create new streams of sustainable revenue for the organization.

I assess culture and processes to identify barriers to innovation and then work with clients to design and implement change initiatives that enable growth and impact.

I partner with clients develop and refine their value proposition and create a plan for consistently delivering that value to customers, members, donors, sponsors, partners, and suppliers through communication and touch-point execution.

I help clients build brand opportunities that articulate benefits, change conversations, and invite collaboration. The objective is to build trust, influence social conversations and impact, and facilitate action with an articulated and shared purpose.

I work with clients to identify, understand, and measure the impact of their mission and work on social change.

I also partner with clients to identify and develop opportunities initiatives that enable more significant social impact.

Need help building long-lasting relationships and improving social impact?