I help clients create an uncontested market advantage.

Business Strategy Consulting

At its core, business strategy is about those things that must be done for the business to either sustain or improve its position in a competitive market. It provides the guiding principles for which a company or organization aligns its mission, vision, strategy, and leverage of the business value networks to both differentiate itself from competitors and fulfill the needs, values, and expectations of customers.

My goal is to help clients create an uncontested market advantage. I partner with clients to identify market opportunities, assess the competition, and evaluate the business impact of internal and external challenges. Then, I work to create a roadmap that helps to prioritize those things that will create significant competitive differentiation and enable long-lasting relationships between clients and their customers.

I help companies and nonprofit organizations to develop and strengthen:

I conduct competitive research and perform analysis and help clients develop a plan to gain an uncontested advantage over competitors.

I help clients create strategic and tactical plans for connecting with customers and maintaining long-term relationships.

I partner with clients develop and refine their value proposition and create a plan for consistently delivering that value to customers, partners, and suppliers through communication and touch-point execution.

I assess operations and work with clients to evaluate the most efficient way to allocate resources to support the production of products and services.

I help clients evaluate ways of reducing costs and improving efficiencies by offloading noncore tasks and functions to third parties.

I work with clients to design, develop, and implement a sales strategy that makes it easier identify and acquire high-value prospects, build corporate value through clear competitive differentiation, and efficiently moves the prospect through the buying cycle to purchase at the lowest possible acquisition cost and with the highest sales conversion rate.

Need help creating an uncontested market advantage and building long-lasting customer relationships?