15 Jul 15, 2019

The Benefits of Nonprofit Brand Licensing

2019-07-26T12:13:54-04:00By |Licensing|0 Comments

Many nonprofit organization executives struggle with the idea of branding in general, and the commercialization of their organization and its mission through licensing specifically. However, brand licensing can provide a controlled opportunity for nonprofits to connect their organizational strategy with external audiences in a manner that builds greater awareness and trust for their mission. Here are three ways your nonprofit organization can benefit from brand licensing.

07 Dec 07, 2018

Finding new licensing opportunities

2019-07-15T14:38:37-04:00By |Licensing|0 Comments

One of the most significant challenges for licen­sors is to keep the opportunity pipeline full. Regardless of the size of the licensing pro­gram, finding and qualifying prospective li­censees can be a challenge. Some licensors need more opportunities to explore, while other licensors have the opportunities but do not have a defined qualification pro­cess. Unfortunately, some licensors have both challenges. To overcome those challenges a licensor might consider the following sales and business development techniques.

08 Jun 08, 2018

6 Tips for Vetting Prospective Licensees

2019-03-07T16:25:56-05:00By |Licensing|0 Comments

Some licensors may choose to focus primarily on new licensees who might generate higher royalty revenue for a short period, while others prefer the steady, long-term growth in royalty revenue.  For the latter, a vetting process designed to create stronger alignment with a licensor's mission, vision, and long-term goals, ultimately provide greater success for the program and result in stronger, more prosperous licensing partnerships. Here are six ideas for improving the licensee vetting process.

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