Small Business Consulting - David Harkins Company Consulting Services I help you to identify new opportunities,
facilitate innovation, and overcome
operational challenges.

I help companies and organizations to improve business performance and accelerate growth. I work with clients to develop new strategies, identify and develop opportunities and streamline business operations.

Consulting Services

David Harkins Company works with clients identify new opportunities, develop and implement growth strategies, facilitate change, and scale operations to meet growth targets.

I consult and provide support services in the following areas:

I find and develop revenue growth opportunities and build new businesses and channels to maturation.

I help CEOs and executive leaders identify breakthrough growth strategies, and then take leadership of pursuing those new opportunities when business leaders feel they lack the bandwidth or resources to pursue those opportunities without disrupting their core business.

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I strengthen connections between brands and their customers that build stronger businesses, better customer engagement and create an uncontested market advantage.

I help organizations develop and refine target markets, develop relevant brands stories, and improve engagement with content and contact strategies both online and offline. I identify opportunities to streamline operations, analyze marketing campaign performance, and optimize the voice of the customer within the organization.

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I streamline licensing operations to maximize royalty revenue.

I help implement, operationalize, and expand licensing programs. With experience in both hard goods and soft goods, I work with licensors to develop and refine business strategies and improve the administration and operational management of licensing programs.

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