Executive Coaching - David Harkins Company Strategic Growth and Innovation I find and develop revenue growth
opportunities and build new businesses
and channels to maturation.

I help clients pursue new ideas and opportunities when they lack the bandwidth or resources to do so without disrupting their core business.

Strategic Growth and Innovation Consulting

Innovation is essential for businesses and organizations. Unfortunately, most CEOs and nonprofit executives don’t have the resources—financial or otherwise—to seek opportunities and ideas with the necessary focus to nurture those them from birth to maturation. The ideas are easy; it’s the willingness to pursue and execute those ideas that fuel innovation.

I help business and social sector executive leaders identify breakthrough growth strategies, and then take leadership of pursuing those new opportunities when executives feel they lack the bandwidth or resources to pursue those opportunities without disrupting their core business.

Often,  I work as an “extrapreneur” (a contract entrepreneur) to help clients identify and develop business opportunities, build and iterate new products, and create new business lines while mitigating all manner of associated risks of full-time resources before an opportunity might warrant such investment.

Among the services I provide are:

I partner with clients to identify new markets, product, and business opportunities and flesh out the short- and long-term potential for growth.

By applying a rapid-prototyping process, I help clients to determine the viability of an idea or possible opportunity quickly. Working together, we prioritize and incubate the more viable possibilities, and then put in place a plan to grow those to maturation.

I work with clients to evaluate opportunities and develop plans to achieve more significant market share through market expansion, market penetration, product development, diversification, and acquisition.

I partner with clients to research and create a plan for growing market share through radically new approaches to products, services, and/or delivery.

I work with clients to develop or refine a plan that prioritizes the most appropriate course of action to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Need to grow but lack the internal resources?