Work with me

David Harkins Company is a management consulting company helping companies and organizations identify and develop business and revenue improvement strategies.

Since 1995, I have worked with startups, growth companies and nonprofit organizations in the areas of innovation, business strategy, intellectual property licensing and trademark protection, and marketing operations.

I partner with clients to identify new opportunities, build new businesses, develop and implement expansion strategies, facilitate change, and scale operations to meet growth targets.  I tailor the work to the needs of each client but typically what I do falls in the areas of Strategic Growth and InnovationBusiness StrategyLicensing and Royalty Improvement, and E-Commerce Operations.

I am typically hired to:

  • Assess and refine business strategies
  • Identify and develop new revenue opportunities
  • Evaluate a new idea or direction for a business
  • Develop and pilot a new business or growth initiative
  • Design a launch plan for product, service, or business
  • Locate resources to design, develop, and manufacture products
  • Identify and navigate the disruptions that stall business growth
  • Improve scalability and business operations
  • Diagram new processes and procedures
  • Facilitate the acquisition or disposition of a small business
  • Assess licensing programs and performance
  • Assist with licensing agency selection
  • Determine risk associated with licensing programs
  • Identify and select marketing technology (CRM, e-Commerce, online marketing tools, and more)
  • Develop strategies for e-commerce and supply chain operations

Engagement Approach

I am usually engaged in one of three ways:


When you need an outside resource to bring fresh thinking that enables new approaches. I work with clients to research and develop markets, craft strategy, identify external opportunities, improve communications and messaging, and to find ways to enhance business operations that create an uncontested market advantage. To learn more about my consulting services, click here.


When you need an outside resource to challenge business assumptions that could be impeding growth. I facilitate workshops that break-down barriers. I employ an adult education approach designed to stimulate new thinking and encourage broader thinking about possibilities and opportunities for growth. To learn more about my current workshops and accelerator programs, click here.


When you need high-level strategic thinking around sales, marketing, and business operations—to get “C-level” involvement without the cost of full-time headcount. I help develop and drive broader strategies for the business, applying best practices and approaches found in successful companies. I become an extension of your management team, working to achieve the defined goals. I lead meetings, set priorities, and take responsibility for the outcomes associated with the objectives. To inquire about fractional executive services, please contact me here.