I provide strategy, growth, and innovation consulting to companies and nonprofit organizations.
I help clients identify new opportunities, develop and implement growth strategies,
facilitate change, and scale operations to meet growth targets.

I help you create innovative solutions to tomorrows problems. 


I cannot recommend David Harkins highly enough.
Hire him, and your business will thank you.   

David Harkins and I have known each other for nearly seven years. We developed a friendship over food recommendations and digital nerdisms via social media that eventually led to him hiring my marketing agency to work with some of his clients.

During that time, I came to know David’s many talents…his experience and breadth of knowledge astounded me, so it seemed natural that I reach out to him when culminating the idea for my second business, Anahata Swimwear. His ability to jump from explaining how to sell wholesale to refining our business goals has been paramount, and Anahata Swimwear is far better for it.

But besides the brilliance of David’s mind or talents, my cherished aspect of his character IS his character. He’s an incredible man with a big heart who maintains integrity, cultivates trust, and does not hold back with honesty. As a business owner, I find this invaluable.

Bottom line, I cannot recommend David highly enough. Hire him, and your business will thank you.

CEO, Anahata Swimwear

David Harkins is able to suggest things that I wouldn’t have even think about…

David Harkins has been of great value in the short time we have been in contact. My company promotes a very unique and niche service to which David has provided some powerful points of guidance for both marketing and overall success. Using his in-depth experience and open-mindedness, he is able to suggest things that I wouldn’t have even think about. With his knowledge and willingness to help, David will always be on my top list of people to consult.

CEO, Little Spider Creations