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have more impact in the world.

We guide executives through complex challenges and
wicked problems affecting impact and engagement.

The three biggest barriers to meaningful impact.

Strategic Operations

Can you quickly navigate new threats or exploit emerging opportunities to amplify impact?

Are you confident that your system and processes are designed to maximize the effectiveness of service delivery at a minimum cost?

Organizational Culture

Do challenges with communication, employee morale, inclusivity and diversity or turnover affect organizational performance?

Are you confident the values and attitudes embedded in the policies, systems, and structures benefit your mission, vision, and goals?

Leadership Development

Is it easy to collaborate, build sustainable high-performing teams, and hear a variety of voices in your organization?

Are you confident that your leaders foster exceptional work environments, instill trust, behave consistently, and communicate effectively?

Address the dynamics that limit impact and engagement.

Strategic Focus

Develop a strategic focus that brings new insights for innovation, creates a learning organization, and enables operational congruence.

Positive Work Culture

Create a work culture that improves employee satisfaction and happiness, increases morale, lowers turnover, and increases performance.

Revenue Growth

Identify revenue streams borne from a strategic focus that increase financial strength and improve social profit and impact.

Ready to get started?

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Free Consultation

We schedule a call to learn more about your challenges and the impact you wish to have in the world.
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Diagnose and Plan

Together we diagnose the complex problems affecting performance and impact and create a plan to put the organization on the desired path.
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Execute for Impact

We support your execution of the plan to achieve improved social impact.

Organizations we serve best: 


We guide leaders of nonprofit organizations through complex problems to maximize social impact.


We help executives of corporations navigate the internal barriers to social responsibility and create meaningful engagement.


We coach and mentor entrepreneurs on culture, models and systems that increase revenue and sustain change.


We help community leaders build collectiveness and cohesion for inclusive growth.

Hello! I'm David Harkins

Helping leaders improve impact and engagement is what gets me out of bed in the morning. 

Why? That’s the easy part. I’m inspired by the work that’s focused on making the world a better place. Yet, I understand how an organization’s dynamics can create complex problems that limit performance, impact, and engagement. We want to help.

My team and I help leaders and their organizations move through strategic and operational challenges, persistent conflict, misaligned and disconnected values, or any leadership challenge that threatens the successful delivery of the mission or the organization’s legacy.

Throughout my career, I have advised many well-known companies and organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association, Arts For Life, the American Bar Association, Cargill Ag Horizons, Disabled American Veterans, Girl Scouts of the USA, Microsoft, and the National FFA Organization, Special Olympics, and Nation 4-H Council, to name just a few. I also served for more than a decade with the Boy Scouts of America, where I led retail e-commerce and brand licensing and trademark protection.


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