About David Harkins Company

About us

We help executives navigate complex

challenges and wicked problems affecting

social impact and engagement.

Who we are

David Harkins Company, LLC is a socially-focused management consulting company working with organizations, companies, and community leaders to solve pressing and difficult problems.

We bring expertise in organization development and change principles, and a divergent thinking mentality to each engagement. We focus on strategic change, leadership development, and culture transformation. 

Our ideal clients are nonprofit (social profit) organizations, large corporations with defined social innovation or social engagement initiatives, social entrepreneurs, and local governments working to solve community social challenges.

What we do

We work with executive leadership to navigate complex challenges within their organizations that limit social impact and engagement.

Working with social profit organizations and local governments, we help craft solutions to wicked problems–those unstructured, cross-functional, and relentless problems facing civil society1. Organization development (OD) principles, design-thinking methods, and entrepreneurial approaches are foundational elements in our work.

Our approach

We are scholar-practitioners, meaning we take an approach grounded in theory and research and informed by our practical experience. We are motivated by our personal values and hold ourselves to a standard of ethical conduct.

As scholar-practitioners, we are also teachers. Therefore, our goal is not to embed ourselves in client organizations for extended multi-year single project engagements but rather to help clients learn new methods and techniques that can be easily sustained with success after our departure.

We typically work on a project basis; however, we are open to finding other options that meet our client’s needs.

What guides us


We aspire to make the world a better place. 

We desire to be known for crafting innovative and successful solutions that overcome the most difficult issues facing our clients.

We hope to be the go-to trusted advisor for navigating complex challenges and wicked problems that impact civil society.


Our mission is to employ OD-centered principles and entrepreneurial thinking approaches to help client executives build a repeatable framework for sustainable social impact and engagement. 

Our core values

Our personal core values govern our lives and business. They shape the character of the company and determine the clients we take on. These values provide the basis on which we think, act, and make decisions.

Integrity matters

Our beliefs are priceless. We will not compromise our standards, because we recognize that no amount of money is worth risking our personal integrity.

People are important

We believe all people must be treated with respect and dignity. We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We acknowledge that we all carry implicit bias and we work to mitigate that bias in our work.

We do not discriminate in any way, nor will we work with clients who practice any form of discrimination.

Attitude makes a difference

We have an optimistic outlook. We believe a positive attitude makes all the difference in getting through the most difficult situations. We try to share this outlook with others in hopes that we might, in some small way, help them see their life and circumstances in a little different light.

Helping others makes the world a better place

We try to be helpful to everyone. We all are unique in our ability to contribute to the world, the community, and our families.

We believe we have a responsibility to use our experience, background, skills, and abilities to help others be more successful in life.

Community has value

We actively encourage the development of community whether local or around the world. We also believe strongly the more diverse voices we have in our community, the better our world will become. 

Stewardship is everyone’s responsibility

We believe all acts of stewardship begin with a choice. We are committed to working with others who make decisions to protect the environment, endeavor to enable solutions a sustainable living, are respectful of social responsibilities, and further fair-trade practices among other issues.

We acknowledge and support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We recognize we are all citizens of the world and we each have a responsibility to each other, and to future generations.

1 Weber, E. P., & Khademian, A. M. (2008). Wicked problems, knowledge challenges, and collaborative capacity builders in network settings. Public Administration Review68(2), 334-349.