Our Team

We are scholar-practitioners

who are grounded in theory

and research yet informed by

our practical experience.


Managing Partner
David is the managing partner, principal consultant, and executive coach.

David L. Harkins, D. ODC

Managing Partner | Consultant

Executive Coach

Jennifer is a partner and leadership coach. She works exclusively with female leaders

Jennifer Tuttle Harkins

Partner |  Leadership Coach


Executive Consultants

Executive Consultant
Doug is an affiliated executive consultant and coach focusing on leadership and talent development and succession planning.

Doug Bellah

Consultant | Executive Coach

Executive Consultant
Brandon is an affiliated executive consultant and coach focusing cyber organizational transformation, software requirements engineering, strategic business planning, and technology implementation.

Brandon Rogers, D. ODC

Consultant | Executive Coach

Rachel is an affiliated consultant focusing on facilitating effective nonprofit leadership transitions.

Rachel Zink

Consultant | Executive Coach