Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about us,

our work, and how we work.


About our work

Most recently, we have worked with Arts For Life, the Bob Moog Foundation, the National 4-H Council, the National FFA Organization, Sourcetoad, Stacy Garcia, Inc. and the Special Olympics. 

Over the years, David Harkins has consulted with and advised the Alzheimer’s Association, the American Bar Association, Cargill Ag Horizons, Disabled American Veterans, the Girl Scouts of the USA, and Microsoft to name just a few notable organizations.

We work with all organizations–nonprofits, corporations, and government entities. However, because our vision and mission are to make the world a better place, our engagements slant toward projects, initiatives, and organizations that aspire to increase social engagement or improve social impact. 

We typically work on a project basis. However, some engagements are more involved and for those, we work on a retainer basis.

We work both on-site and remotely. Each project is different and as such has different working requirements.

About us

An executive consultant is an individual who is affiliated with David Harkins Company. The partners invite executive consultants to be a part of the firm based on prior work together. They are trusted and vetted by the partners for their work and the value they bring to our clients.

David Harkins started the forerunner to this company in 1995 as a part-time gig providing secondary market research services to research firms and agencies. When David returned to full-time consulting in 2018, David Harkins Company, LLC was formed to focus on strategy development and licensing for social profit organizations.

In 2020, David saw the significant challenges social profit organizations were facing and how these challenges affected their long-term sustainability and social impact. He began crafting a new direction for the firm.

In 2021, we began to expand our offerings to help address the social sector’s changing needs. We added our first executive consultants to our team, and expanded our consulting services to include strategic change, organization culture, leadership development, earned revenue programs, and facilitation for impact.

Our primary location is in Nashville, TN (USA). We have satellite locations in Asheville, NC (USA), Grand Rapids, MI (USA), and Columbus, OH (USA) areas.

Other questions

A social profit organization, in our opinion, better defines what we now know as “nonprofit” or charitable organizations. 

The word, nonprofit is intended to differentiate the organization from corporate entities whose focus is to generate a financial contribution (profit) to the benefit of its financial stakeholders.

However, such organizations do generate a non-financial profit for the benefit of civil society. In this way, we, as civil society members, “profit” from work such organizations do in the world.

Social profit organization seems to be a better term to describe those organizations whose focus is on improving society.