Organization Culture and Transformation Consulting

Organization Culture and Transformation Consulting

We help executives improve workplace

culture and increase organizational agility.

Improving workplace culture

An organization’s culture is a significant predictor of its performance and impact. Aligning the workplace culture with its mission, vision, goals, and objectives requires an intentional effort to evaluate and change beliefs and values. The outcome creates a more positive work environment, enhanced employee performance and productivity, improved business processes, and increased agility.

We help executives identify and assess their current workplace culture and its alignment to established mission, vision, goals, and objectives. In the process, we find those values, beliefs, behaviors, and models–some borne from leadership legacies–informing the organization’s performance and social impact.

Using organization development (OD) and talent development (TD) principles, we look deeply at factors such as leadership, employee satisfaction, and team success in units and the entire organization. We identify where cultural entropy may exist and its impact on the organization.

We guide and support executives in developing a plan that aligns cultural improvements with the organization’s desired future state.

Our work in this area includes: