Community Engagement Facilitation

Community Engagement Facilitation

We help community leaders

achieve greater clarity and

cohesion for growth and inclusion.

Building cohesion for community growth

As communities grow and evolve, the culture and diversity of the community change, too. To build collectivism and cohesion in the process, community leaders must hear and balance the varied and distinct voices in the community for mutual benefit using collaborative change approaches. In the process, it is critical to build a foundation of trust, common understanding, and vision to build the relationships necessary to foster the desired outcome for sustainable community growth.

Integrating collaborative change methods with the needs, values, and expectations of a community, we help community leaders facilitate and navigate the wicked problems that inhibit growth and inclusion. 

Our approach incorporates collaborative principles, culture theory, empowerment theory, design-thinking, dialogical community development, systems-thinking, and the institutional analysis and development framework to identify community challenges and build a foundation employing necessary, equitable, and meaningful solutions for the entire community.

Using a facilitated dialogical approach, we work together with participants to identify outcomes and objectives, hear the diverse need, values, and expectations of the community’s voices, work together to evaluate and bridge the gaps for improved cohesion and clarity for moving forward.

Our work in this area includes: